Junior Painting Set – Children Activity Kit

RM 43

Junior Painting Set – Children Activity Kit


A complete family activity product where parents and kids can do activities together such as craft activities, which is also a way of learning and building interest and behavior. Junior Painting Set is here to save your day!


Engaging in craft activities with children helps them improve focus skills, speaking, fine motor skills of managing emotions, planning, as well as excellent bonding opportunities.


Children especially 3 to 12 years old love something interesting that they can touch using a variety of sensory.


What’s in the box:

Why should you buy from us? Because you will get 6 variety of handicrafts! ❤️




Junior Painting Set

  • Sketch Book
  • Water Color (12 Colors)
  • Buncho Oil Pastels (12 Colors)
  • Buncho Paint Brushes (Set of 5)
  • Water Color Palette
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker


Reasons to buy this craft set:

Enjoy family time with the youngest ones is always a pleasure, though you need a lot of energy and creativity. However handcrafting with children is a great way to spend some time together at home. Maybe it’s time for you to give it a try and see how wonderful can be to bring them into the world of exploring.


Handcrafting activities start here! Let’s fuel your child’s enthusiasm in cultivating the craft of making activities. Enjoy crafting anytime!


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