Naluri offers an early childhood education programmes through its Early Excellence Centres. It is founded on the concept of Natural Learning; where we believe that Learning Happens Naturally Every Day, Everywhere and Every Time. We make sure that learning and living are directly connected and this is translated into our teaching methodology and fine approaches towards children. Children are exposed to the openness of the green environment for them to grasp the most of nature world. We aim for the development of a well-balanced children encompassing academic excellence, emotionally content, proper manners and morale (adab and akhlaq), critical thinking skills, able to express self-views, problem solving attitude, aware and connected to the world and a whole heartedly practicing muslim.

Naluri Early Excellence Centre (Naluri) was founded in year 1993; which brings our experience as Early Childhood service provider to 21 years of service. Our Founder and Principal; Pn Noor Hayati Abdul Hamid established the first NEEC and is overseeing the whole operation of all Naluri centres. Back then, we were known as Creative Learning Centre (CLC) and our first centre was in Section 5, Wangsa Maju; in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city centre. The journey of becoming started 34 years ago in United Kingdom when Pn Noor Hayati applied the Natural Learning concept with her 7 children whom are now all successful in their own fields of study, career and contributor to the society. With the domestic experience, she wishes to share the secret recipe ingredient to the society and nation thus establishes Naluri centres.

Naluri centres are wholly owned and managed by NLI Education Sdn Bhd; a one stop early childhood services provider based in Section 7, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor. Natural Learning Initiatives or NLI provides early childhood education ready to download system, business opportunity and licences of ‘Naluri’ system; parenting education and family development through seminars and workshops, camps, consultation, publication and educational resources.