NALURI Kreatif Playhouse

A great place to be, providing comfort, igniting curiosity, and celebrating spontaneity in young children


NALURI Kreatif Playhouse

NALURI Kreatif Playhouse provides a home-like environment, celebrating toddler’s nature to play and building their interest and awareness of themself and the environment.  Specially designed for toddlers 1 to 3 years old, our Playschool programme aims for holistic development in a child in their early years, soonest.

Our Young Explorers

As building the windows of opportunity to learning are given importance to our young explorers, sensory and physical exposure, language and communication, social emotional well being and daily life growing up skills are given attention.

Children's Happiness

In fulfilling our mission, children’s happiness is of utmost importance. We are proud to share that we have a small teacher-toddler ratio, as outlined by the government, is well observed by NALURI Playhouse. This will enable us to have close interaction with our children and make them feel appreciated.


Play & Explore without Hassle

Play stations and learning areas are designed in a manner to invite self directedness in  learning. Reading and pretend play corner, drama and soft toy areas, manipulatives and early maths unit, language and literacy unit, self help area and utilities, art and messy play area, gardening and cooking utilities, water and sand play, playground equipment and wide range of self drive playcars to stimulate kids imagination and their physical development needs and finally our green wide nature garden for kids to run, play and explore without hassle.

Natural Environment

Learning about colors in their natural environment provide children wiith the much needed connection to understand their expanding world.

Exposure of Indoor & Outdoor

Our playhouse programme aims to nurture kids to be able have a balance exposure of indoor and outdoor so much needed in grooming a contented happy child.The strong foundation will act as a catapult putting our children readyfor their next phase of challenge into the preschool and the bigger world.


NALURI Kreatif Playhouse is based on these core principals: