Join the fun of learning English in a Storytelling-Based Playgroup

NALURI Playgroup, a.k.a. Playstory

Is English holding your child back? We get it, the struggle is real!

When it comes to picking up a second language, everyone knows English is a game-changer these days, but for families where English isn’t their first language, it can feel like climbing Mount Everest. Don’t worry, we can help!

Only in Kuala Terengganu,

A Thrilling Weekend NALURI Playgroup, a.k.a. Playstory

where your kids learn English through exciting tales and more!

What will they do at NALURI Playgroup a.k.a. Playstory?

Why will your children love NALURI Playgroup, a.k.a. Playstory?

Engaging narratives, developing listening skills, vocabulary, and imagination

Stories brought to life with fun activities, games, and crafts

Supportive environment where kids are free to practice speaking English

Weekend session; a great time to make friends, share laughter and lasting memories - all while learning new language!

NALURI Playgroup a.k.a. Playstory Highlights


Impactful Storytelling


Interactive Activities


Building Confidence


Friendship & Fun

NALURI Playgroup locations across Kuala Terengganu

Gong Badak

Kubang Parit

What else?

NALURI Playgroup a.k.a. Playstory is not just a storytelling adventure – it’s more than that

Puppet, miniature crafts

Writing exercises

Vocabulary reviews

How does it work?

Once a week

(Every Saturday)

2 Hours

(9:30am - 11:30am)

Small group session of only 10 students

Conducted by trained NALURI teachers

For 5-8 year old children

Only RM200 per 4 sessions (monthly)

Hold up, we got something more! A reading class for those learning to read.

Read and Seed

Sign up for an extra reading class after NALURI Playgroup a.k.a. Playstory, to help your child gain a strong foundation to phonics and articulate words with confidence.

30 minutes per session

Where we break down language into phonemes, easing kids in making up words

4x monthly

Reading class held after NALURI Playstory, perfect as an extension to enhance fluency

Only RM100

Per month of 4 sessions

Give it a try!

Sign up for a free trial and see the difference.

Who are we?


NALURI Kreatif has conducted projects-based activities since 1993


17 branches throughout Malaysia

The pioneer of Projects Based Learning for Early Childhood in Malaysia


Has conducted Children Activity Day, a thematic and project-based event for children since 2015 minimum 4 times a year at all branches

Successfully conducted NALURI Online School (NOSH) during pandemic Covid-19 from 2019 to 2020

Conducted thematic school holiday program (Holiday at NALURI) at all semester breaks

Join us at NALURI Playgroup, a.k.a. Playstory today!

Trial session

Half Package

2 sessions per month

Full Package

4 sessions per month