NALURI playgroup program. A fun and educational program for children ages 4-6. We offer a variety of activities that promote discovery, play, connection, and growth. Our experienced teachers create a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn and grow at their own pace.


Klang Valley:

29th May - 2nd June

East Coast:

28th May - 1st June

Program cuti sekolah kegemaran anak anda kini kembali! NALURI Kreatif membawakan program Holiday @ NALURI khas untuk kanak-kanak berumur 5-9 tahun. Manfaatkan cuti sekolah dengan program yang penuh dengan aktiviti menarik. Sambil bermain sambil belajar! Hanya di Holiday @ NALURI.

Looking for an unforgettable school holiday experience that will ignite your child’s curiosity and love for nature? Get ready for the most exciting program of the year, Holiday @ NALURI, now with a minibeast twist! Have fun with the Marvelous Minibeasts like bugs, spiders, butterflies and many more!

Your kids are guaranteed to get their hands busy throughout this whole Holiday @ NALURI 5-days program, so you can trust us and rest easy as we cater to your little ones.

Here's a summary of the exciting Holiday @ NALURI week:

5 Days

For 5 - 9

years old children

2 Time Slots

8am – 2pm & 8am – 6pm

Available at

NALURI Kreatif Preschool & Islamic School

Complete Meal & Daycare

Daily Minibeast Themed Projects

Continue reading a brief summary about the projects here:

DAY 1:

KL & Selangor

East Coast

Little Minibeasts Hunter

Let’s go on a bug hunt in the garden! Embark on a thrilling exploration of the miniature world of insects and bugs. Grab your magnifying glass and get up close and personal with these cool creatures. You’ll learn all about where they live, what they do, and why they’re so important for our environment.

Minibeasts Craft Garden

Let your imagination run wild and bring these tiny critters to life through various crafts as you create colorful butterfly mobiles and build bug hotels. It’s a fantastic way to bring the beauty of minibeasts into your own creative masterpieces.

Natural Writing: Minibeast Madness

Create epic adventures, mysterious tales, and even superhero bug stories. It’s a chance to let your words take flight and explore the incredible world of minibeasts.

DAY 2:

KL & Selangor

East Coast

Healthy Bugs Snacks

Get ready for a unique treat; delicious snacks shaped like bugs that will make your taste buds dance with delight! These bug-shaped goodies are not only fun to eat but also packed with wholesome ingredients to keep you feeling energized and satisfied.

Nature Art: Butterfly Life Cycle

Calling all nature artists! Dive into the world of butterflies as you create stunning artwork showcasing their incredible life cycle. From tiny eggs to beautiful butterflies, let your imagination take flight and bring these stages to life with your artistic flair.

Natural Reading Activity: Beautiful Butterfly

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of butterflies! Grab a cozy spot, curl up with a good book about these magnificent creatures, and let your imagination soar as you delve into their enchanting stories.

DAY 3:

KL & Selangor

East Coast

Wonderful Worms In The Garden

Get ready to dive into the amazing world of worms! We’ll dig deep, get our hands dirty, and discover the secrets of these incredible creatures. You won’t believe how important worms are in keeping our ecosystems healthy!

Tissue Paper Worms

Get crafty and make the cutest, most colorful worms using tissue paper. You’ll have your very own collection of unique and vibrant tissue paper worms in no time!

Worksheet: Wriggly Worms

For some educational fun, we’ve got this activity ready for you. It’s packed with cool facts, quizzes, and puzzles that will challenge your worm knowledge. It’s a great way to have fun while expanding your understanding.

DAY 4:

KL & Selangor

East Coast

Ants Work Together Games

Did you know that ants can carry 50 times their own body weight? What’s even more impressive is that they collaborate as a team to move even larger objects! Engage in fun and interactive games that mirror the cooperation and collaboration found in ant colonies, and discover the power of working together.

Observing The Hardworking Ants

Take a closer look at these creatures as you witness their incredible work ethic. Observe their organized trails and be in awe at their teamwork in action. It’s a captivating experience that will deepen your appreciation for the world of ants.

Natural Reading Book: All About Ants

Get comfy and dive into the awesome world of ants! You’ll be totally hooked as you explore the stories and mind-blowing facts about ant anatomy, their cool social structures, and the incredible ways they adapt.

DAY 5:

KL & Selangor

East Coast

Mosquito Madness: Surface Tension Experiment

Dive into the wild life of mosquitoes that will blow your mind! Join a cool experiment that explores how water behaves and how it affects those pesky little bugs. Get ready to get your hands dirty and have a buzzing good time!

Drama & Nasyid Performance: Kisah Nabi Ibrahim, Raja Namrud & Nyamuk

Are you ready to be a star? Let’s bring to life an epic story featuring the legendary Prophet Ibrahim, the sneaky King Namrud, and even a mischievous mosquito! The stage is yours so let your talents shine like a shooting star!

Minibeasts Literacy Games

It’s time to level up your reading and writing skills. Immerse yourself in word puzzles, storytelling challenges, and more—all with an exciting minibeast twist.  These games are so much fun, you won’t even realize you’re learning!

Get ready for a week of marvelous minibeasts adventure! We’ll go on bug hunts, create little creatures, explore worms and ants, and munch on bug-shaped snacks. There will be literacy games, dramatic performances, and even some mosquito science. Join us for a fun-filled event and let your imagination run wild in the marvelous minibeasts world!

Available at these locations:


Pinggiran Putra



Shah Alam

Wakaf Beruas

Gong Badak

Kubang Kerian

What’s so unique about Holiday @ NALURI?

Excitement and knowledge combined

Comprehensive module and activities

Hassle-free participation, just be present!

Tools and meals included

Not your typical boring program

All of the above are available at 2 special prices!

Half Day

RM 285

Full Day

RM 385

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Special for primary and secondary school kids! Are you looking for a useful program to spend your school holiday? Come and participate in our workshop where we explore the beauty of Quranic verses through drawing comics!


Explore the beauty of Quran through drawing, understanding, and memorizing its verses.

You’ll get to learn how to draw cool cartoons and comic illustrations step-by-step. But here’s the best part – you’ll also dive deep into the meaning, commands, and teachings of specific surahs! It’s a fun and interactive way to connect with the Quran and make it part of their lives.

  • Hosted by Ustaz Kartun from TV Alhijrah
  • Food and participation certificates provided
  • Focusing on Surah Al-Fil, Al-‘Asr and Ash-Shams
  • From 8:30am to 5:30pm
  • At NALURI Kreatif Office (Ostia Bangi)
  • On 31st May (for primary students), 1st June (for secondary students)

All of these are available for only RM95 per day, but you can save up to RM10 when you get our 2-days combo (RM180 only)!

“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it.”

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to deepen your Quranic understanding, book your spot now!

Does this sound like the school holiday experience your kids have been dreaming of? Then wait no more! It’s time to unleash their inner explorers and set them on a path of endless wonder.