Cozy Homes Around The World

Klang Valley:

27 May - 31 May

East Coast:

26 May - 30 May

Program cuti sekolah kegemaran anak anda kini kembali! NALURI Kreatif membawakan program Holiday @ NALURI khas untuk kanak-kanak berumur 5-9 tahun. Manfaatkan cuti sekolah dengan program yang penuh dengan aktiviti menarik. Sambil bermain sambil belajar! Hanya di Holiday @ NALURI.

Home is not just where we live. It's where the heart is.

There are different types of homes all around the world. In this time’s Holiday @ NALURI, your kids will engage in various creative activities like roleplay, storytelling, house crafts, cooking their comfort food and many more. These activities will help their senses to connect with the concept of ‘home’ while reflecting Allah’s provision.

Let's explore houses around the world at Holiday @ NALURI!

5 days

Klang Valley: 27th – 31st May

East Coast: 26th – 30th May

For 5 - 9

years old children

2 Time Slots

Available at

NALURI Kreatif Preschool

Complete Meal & Daycare

Daily Themed Projects

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Our first day is all about celebrating home! Your kids will learn how to keep things comfy by hands-on house chores activity. Then, we’ll explore our neighbourhood, building a community map together. We’ll even discover the variety of houses around us! To show our appreciation to our house and family, we’ll create a home-shaped collage filled with things we’re grateful about.



Day 2 begins with a royal adventure! We’ll explore majestic castles from Malaysia and around the world, learning about their culture, heritage and the beauty in them. But wait, there’s more! We’ll discover different types of houses through writing and amazing 3D crafts of houses across the globe.



Have you heard of a saying, Life begins at the end of your comfort zone? This time, your kids get to venture a life outside their comfort zone through a story Tony the tortoise. From there on, we’ll make a big book with lots of colors and textures for them to play around! To complete the day, we’ll do a coloring session of Tony the tortoise – a classic but is always delightful for kids.



A happy family is a healthy family. On Day 4, we’ll stay fit with a simple workout session to awaken our senses. Speaking of senses, let’s go to the kitchen and reminisce the aroma and taste of our comfort food. Chicken and Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread is a comfort food to many, let’s make it! We’ll end the day with a public speaking of our favorite food, the taste, the smell and everything we love about it.



In Islam, it is important that we treat guests of our house with care and respect. Today, we’ll learn about the manners when receiving guests, then practice it through the roleplay “Welcome To My House”! Not only that, your kids will also get to learn new languages through our ‘Welcome’ signage crafts, where we make colorful and inviting signage in different languages!

Program Cuti Sekolah Holiday @ NALURI Amali Solat

Super Solat Squad in the making!

Prayer is the pillar of Islam. Which is why, every day at Holiday @ NALURI, 30 minutes will be dedicated for kids to learn the How-To’s of Prayer and put it into practice. From taking ablution (wudhu’), to every rukun of prayer. They will learn step-by-step of how to do rukuk, sujud, two sajdahs, as well as recitation during the rukun, reciting al-Fatihah and basic Surah(s).

Recitation and memorization of al-Fatihah, recitations in rukuk, sujud. Only at Holiday @ NALURI, where we want your children to be exposed to not only the theory, but also the implementation of Prayers.

Get ready for a week of patriotic celebration at Holiday @ NALURI! We’re diving into our country’s history, making symbolic crafts, exploring our traditions, and enjoying tasty treats inspired by our ancestors. There will be storytelling sessions, dramatic acts, fashion fun and even a bit of flag magic! Liven your patriotic spirit as we come together to honor our country’s pride!

Special for energetic Kuala Terengganu kids! Experience the life of our National and Islamic heroes

Here at NALURI Kreatif Islamic School, you will:

Chill and get to know cool historical figures by watching movies and jotting down notes to level up your writing skills.

Dive deep into the historical tales and epic stories of the Prophet’s Companions.

Learn about Malaysia’s awesome geography and landmarks by getting crafty with some DIY projects.

Hang out with the squad for teamwork and group fun to refine your communication skills.

Last but not least, challenge yourself with a series of survival skills sessions like marching, camping, and tackling obstacle courses.

For 7 - 12 years old children

Available at NALURI Kreatif Islamic School Wakaf Beruas

On 27th - 30th August

Unleash the hero within you!

What’s so unique about Holiday @ NALURI?

Excitement and knowledge combined

Comprehensive module and activities

Hassle-free participation, just be present!

Tools and meals included

Not your typical boring program

What’s so unique about Holiday @ NALURI?


Excitement and knowledge combined


Comprehensive module and activities


Hassle-free participation, just be present!


Tools and meals included


Not your typical boring program

Select a package of your preference


RM 385


RM 285

Select a package of your preference


Half Day:
RM 285
Full Day:
RM 385


Half Day:
RM 385
Full Day:
RM 485


Half Day:
RM 485
Full Day:
RM 585

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Special for primary schoolers! Parents, are you looking for a beneficial school holiday program for your 7-12 years old kids? Are they into drawing and comics? Want to understand the meanings of Quranic verses in a chill but fruitful way? This program might just be what you’re after!

Hafal Surah, Lukis Komik, Hayati Merdeka

Explore the values of nationality and unity in Quranic verses through drawing, understanding, and memorizing them.

You’ll get to learn how to draw cool cartoons and comic illustrations step-by-step. But here’s the best part – you’ll also dive deep into the meaning and teachings of Quranic verses while applying your drawing skills! This time with patriotism twist to commemorate Malaysia’s 66th Independence Day.

  • On 30th August 2023
  • At Surau Ar-Raudhah, Seksyen 3, Bandar Baru Bangi
  • Hosted by Ustaz Kartun from TV Alhijrah
  • Focusing on An-Nasr with Independence Day theme
  • Food, module and participation certificates provided
  • Facilitated by communities with Childhood Education background

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“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it.”

Hold up, we’re not done yet!

Do you have a tech savvy kid? Want to bring their love for gadgets to life while gaining invaluable skills for the future? This is the perfect school holiday program for them!



Coding is the new literacy. Unleash your kid’s potential in the fascinating world of technology today.

  • 29th August – 30th August
  • NLI Education, Bandar Baru Bangi
  • 6 – 15 years old
  • Module and meals included
  • Collaboration program with Jazari Robot​​™
  • Master the basics of coding, invent your own solar car and many hands-on activities

2 days of educational fun, all available at only

RM249 per person

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Does this sound like the school holiday experience your kids have been dreaming of? Then wait no more! It’s time to unleash their inner explorers and set them on a path of endless wonder.