Program Cuti Sekolah NALURI Creative Islamic School Mei 2023


One week school holiday adventure with highlights for camping in the school ground!

28th May - 1st June

Anak-anak cuti sekolah, tapi ibu ayah masih bekerja? Bimbang dan tidak mahu anak bosan duduk di rumah sahaja? Mahu anak memenuhi masa dengan aktiviti bermanfaat dan penuh dengan projek kreatif? Aktiviti outdoor dan perkhemahan juga ada!! Sesuai untuk anak-anak sekolah rendah yang suka berkawan dan buat aktiviti.

Jom berkhemah bersama kami di NALURI Creative Islamic School! Rebut peluang untuk menerapkan survival skills dalam diri anak seperti memasak, memasang khemah dan membuat unggun api. Hanya di Holiday @ NALURI Kuala Terengganu.

Hey there, young adventurers!

Do you want to:

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime this school break at Holiday @ NALURI!

Your primary school kids are guaranteed to get their minds and hands busy throughout this whole Holiday @ NALURI 5-days program, so you can trust us and rest easy as we cater to your little ones.

Sunday to Thursday

5 days

For 7 - 12

years old children

8am - 5pm

Only at NALURI Kreatif Islamic School Kuala Terengganu

Overnight camping on Wednesday night

Focusing on survival skills

Continue reading a brief summary about the projects here:

DAY 1:


Let’s delve into the world of crafts and storytelling. Craft your own 3D mosquitos, get lost in the thrilling story of Namrud, and brace yourselves for the wild Mosquito Madness experiment. Prepare to be amazed!

day 1

DAY 2:


Time to become mini-beast hunters! We’ll explore the incredible world of insects, create our very own grasshopper gardens, and dive deep into Namrud’s world through thrilling roleplay. Get ready to unlock the secrets of the bug universe!

h@n ncis may 23 day-2

DAY 3:


Get your survival skills on! Learn how to make a blazing campfire like a boss, create your camping checklist, and join in the Namrud Story Roleplay for some serious adventure vibes. You’ll be a survival pro in no time!

DAY 4:


This is what you’ve been waiting for – an overnight camping extravaganza! We’ll have a blast with the Ants Work Together Game, cook up a storm for dinner, set up cozy tents, and gather around the campfire for stories and stargazing. It’s going to be an unforgettable night, my friends!

DAY 5:


We’ll wake up in the tents in the morning and pray to Subuh together, how fun is that! Next, it’s time to show off your storytelling skills! Present an amazing Namrud Story Roleplay and let your imagination run wild. We’ll also have some natural writing sessions, where you’ll pen down your most unforgettable camping experiences. Get ready to write out your amazing adventure!

What’s so unique about Holiday @ NALURI?

Excitement and knowledge combined

Comprehensive module and activities

Hassle-free participation, just be present!

Tools and meals included

Not your typical boring program

Register for this adventure-packed experience

for only

RM 385!

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Special for primary schoolers! Parents, are you looking for a beneficial school holiday program for your 7-12 years old kids? Are they into drawing and comics? Want to understand the meanings of Quranic verses in a chill but fruitful way? This program might just be what you’re after!

Hafal Surah, Lukis Komik, Hayati Merdeka

Explore the values of nationality and unity in Quranic verses through drawing, understanding, and memorizing them.

You’ll get to learn how to draw cool cartoons and comic illustrations step-by-step. But here’s the best part – you’ll also dive deep into the meaning and teachings of Quranic verses while applying your drawing skills! This time with patriotism twist to commemorate Malaysia’s 66th Independence Day.

  • On 30th August 2023
  • At Surau Ar-Raudhah, Seksyen 3, Bandar Baru Bangi
  • Hosted by Ustaz Kartun from TV Alhijrah
  • Focusing on An-Nasr with Independence Day theme
  • Food, module and participation certificates provided
  • Facilitated by communities with Childhood Education background

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“The best among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it.”

Does this sound like the school holiday experience your kids have been dreaming of? Then wait no more! It’s going to be full of joy and excitement here at Holiday @ NALURI!