Children Activity Day

NALURI Kreatif Children Activity Day is designed for your child to have the excitement in trying the hands-on craft projects and engaging with more sensorial tasks. Not to forget the opportunity for more meaningful communication with other kids and adults.

This three hours programme will definitely help your child to enjoy learning more than anything else. It is a 3 hour weekend program for children and parents to engage in a themed, station-based and hands-on activities, for 3- 12 years old children

Water Play Theme

It’s now splash time at NALURI Kreatif Children Activity Day, Kuala Terengganu.

With a Water Play theme, we bring you 5 exciting splash based activities for your energetic and brilliant kids!

5 Exciting Water Themed Activities

My Pet Story & Aquarium Jar

Grab the Crab, Squeeze the Squid

Blow the Bubble, Big!

Water Balloon Bomb

Soopa Doopa Inflatable Pool Slide

Water Play Activity Details

My Pet Story & Aquarium Jar

Kids love pets, they can connect and feel each other’s world. Listen to the story to understand better and respond to interact. Decorate your pet’s aquarium after you have caught it. You can definitely bring this home.

Grab the Crab, Squeeze the Squid

Give your senses a test! It maybe your kids first ever experience, to touch and feel the crabs, fish, prawns and squids. Smell them too! Be a true Terengganu, the coastal city and state proud citizen!

Blow the Bubble, Big!

Show off your skills, blow your bubbles hard and giggle. You can even make funny shapes with your blow! See the bubble float through the air and make the rainbow effect. A skill one must learn, even an adult must try this lifetime skill. A wonderful moment to spend your precious time with.

Water Balloon Bomb

You can never be wrong with balloons and water. Test your physical ability to aim and shoot the target using water bombing balloons! Aim and struck right at your target, collect the highest point and and win! Be prepared to be soaked!

Soopa Doopa Inflatable Pool Slide

Experience the super exciting soopa doopa pool water play! Slide in our enormous inflatable while making new friends, splash in the big pool and giggle. Make sure you have an extra shirt to change!

How’s all of those activities sound to you and your children?

It’s awesome.

Our signature NALURI Kreatif Children Activity Day format that you and your children will love:

Specific theme and connected to young children

Station based activities

Compulsory Parent-Child Participation

Open to 3-6 years old children

Linked and connected projects

Bring home projects

Extra things that you will like about our Children Activity Day

  • Our creative and unique modules, top with your innovative ideas, pop!
  • The vibrant playful and safe environment for young children, parents can be at ease
  • Our friendly teachers and team, makes you feel at home
  • The opportunity to meet and make new friends, that makes our world happier
  • The happiness that you and your family will bring home
  • And the memory that will last forever, don’t forget to take a lot of photo!

NALURI Kreatif have been conducting Children Activity Day since 2015 at all our branches.

Other funtastic themes in our Children Activity Day Series:

The Deal

Don’t forget, parents participation is compulsory, it surely is not all bad, it’s time for you to lose a little bit, isn’t it?

All of the above are available for ONLY RM 20 at NALURI Kreatif Children Activity Day Water Play Kuala Terengganu.

Don’t miss the excitement and register!