Children Activity Day

Eid Adha Special

NALURI Kreatif Children Activity Day is designed for your child to have the excitement in trying the hands-on craft projects and engaging with more sensorial tasks. Not to forget the opportunity for more meaningful communication with other kids and adults.

This three hours programme will definitely help your child to enjoy learning more than anything else. It is a 3 hour weekend program for children and parents to engage in a themed, station-based and hands-on activities, for 1-10 years old children.

Eid Adha is all about the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH), Siti Hajar’s resilience and Prophet Ismail (PBUH)’s unwavering faith in obeying Allah S.W.T.’s order. We will also learn the history about Mecca and Kaaba, how pilgrimage started and the sacrifice ritual in Eid Adha. Bring your kids to our Children Activity Day Eid Adha Special for a memorable celebration of love, joy, and the spirit of Eid Adha.

Discover the importance of Eid Adha through these activities

Storytelling: Tales of Sacrifice

Inspiring stories of Prophet Ibrahim’s sacrifice of his son, Prophet Ismail and the history of Kaaba. Prophet Ibrahim and his wife, Siti Hajar were tempted by Shaytaan to disobey Allah’s order, but they persisted. Through these storytelling activities, we learn about the remarkable acts of sacrifice, resilience, and faith that represents the true essence of Eid Adha.

Cottony Cuties: Sheep Craft

Let’s honor the significance of sheep in Eid Adha traditions where a symbolic sacrifice is done to sheep/cow/lamb which will then be shared equally among the needy. Kids see their parents perform ibadah Qurban every Eid Adha, so this time let’s give them a chance to experience it themselves and play around with this practice! This craft project allows them to appreciate the spirit of sacrifice and the importance of giving back.

Sizzling Kebab Delights - Let’s Cook!

Experience the mouthwatering flavors of Eid Adha with our cooking kebab project. After the eventful activities above, they might want to fill their tummy with this classic Eid Adha menu and share it with their friends. This activity allows children to understand the significance of sharing meals and spreading joy during this special occasion.

Details about Children Activity Day Eid Adha Special are as follows:

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

8th & 15th July 2023

Bangi, Pinggiran Putra, Melawati, Gombak, Shah Alam, Kubang Kerian, Kuala Terengganu

Our signature NALURI Kreatif Children Activity Day format that both you and your little ones will absolutely adore:

Specific theme and connected to young children

Station based activities

Compulsory Parent-Child Participation

Open to 1-10 years old children

Linked and connected projects

Bring home projects

NALURI Kreatif has been conducting Children Activity Day across all our branches since 2015. Funtastic lineup of themes in our Children Activity Day Series includes:

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Let’s not forget that parents’ participation is compulsory. But it’s not all bad since you get to have some bonding time with your child, isn’t it?

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