Registration 2022

NALURI Kreatif, a trusted name in Pre -School Education, has the concept of ‘Natural & Project Based Learning ’has been in operation since 1994. NALURI Kreatif believes in every child born to nurture progress and humanity to the universal world. Every child has the assets to excel and succeed in an environment that supports development and potential. The formula for children's excellence is measured from the aspects of leadership, personality, academic, and co-curricular. All of this requires the early education the child gives attention to the natural processes in the development of each child's self - joy, exploration and observation, excitement, as well as accountability are the basic curriculum of giving birth to successful children. Effective learning can happen every day, anywhere, and at all times.

Naluri Kreatif

How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in Naluri Kreatif, a Project-Based Learning program.

For information, registration for the 2022 session is open. You will be contacted later for more information.

Please contact our Officer:

HQ +60 1156671603 / +60 17908 8995 for more information regarding each branch.

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